Illinois's Randy Hultgren Joins Exec Team
Randy Hultgren, president and CEO of the Illinois Bankers Association, has been appointed to the FOTB Executive Committee, filling a vacancy left by Roger Beverage's retirement.

Most recently, he served in the United States House of Representatives from 2011-2019, representing the 14th Congressional District of Illinois. In Congress, he served on both the House Financial Services Committee and the Science, Space and Technology Committee. Hultgren's career has been in finance, banking, and law.
New FOTB Website
Makes It Easier

As we get ready to head into our tenth year as a SuperPAC, we are excited to launch our new FOTB website !

Now it is easier than ever to:

Congrats to Our Referral Contest Winners

Thanks to those from around the country that joined us in referring 296 new members last month!

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You can always nominate your colleagues, co-workers, vendors, and friends on our website HERE. This helps us grow our ranks as we gear up for next year's fight.
A Sneaky Way to
Breach Your Privacy

By Virginia Varela, Pres/CEO of Golden Pacific Bank and Vice Chair of Friends of Traditional Banking

As a banker, I am very protective of the rights of our customers, including the right to privacy. Therefore, I’m alarmed by a recent proposal being discussed in Washington, DC, that would require financial institutions to report a larger range of financial information about their customers to the IRS.
If you use the services of a financial institution, you should know about this new
reporting plan—one that could force banks to report the inflows and outflows on all
personal and business accounts with a balance of $600 or more. Banks would have no choice about reporting this information to the IRS.
I’m concerned that mining for information for the IRS through financial institution
reporting is a misguided proposal for these obvious reasons:
•    It will be intrusive and indiscriminate for bank customers
•    It will undermine the goal of bringing unbanked Americans into the banking system
•    It will increase taxpayer complexity and confusion
•    It will make community banks and other financial institutions agents of the IRS
while imposing new reporting burdens
•    It will expose banks to penalties for inadvertent errors

•    It will channel more information into the IRS than it can process.
Instead of a fishing expedition that infringes on the privacy of bank customers—and in the process, depletes resources that could otherwise be focused on serving local
communities—the IRS should close the tax gap with the massive amount of data it
already has.
We community bankers are busy enough continuing our economic response to the
pandemic to serve our customer base. As a banker, I’m thinking of our customer’s best interests. I stand OPPOSED to this proposal and remain protective of bank customer privacy!
If you want to learn more about this proposal or share your opinion with policy makers, visit “”. The private life you save may be your own.

The Evolution of Authentication
A message from our sponsor BankOnItUSA:

The Federal Financial Institutions Examination council (FFIEC) recently issued guidance for effective risk-management practices and principles for access and authentication. The new guidance acknowledges the significant risks and threats in today’s cybersecurity landscape and reinforces the need for financial institutions to better authenticate users (customers, employees and third parties) to protect information systems, accounts, and data.

Multifactor authentication is one of the single best tools available to protect against ransomware, corporate account takeover (CATO) and business email compromise (BEC).

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