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Dear (First Name),

Congratulations! (Referer's full name) has endorsed you as a Friend of Traditional Banking! You are someone who understands the critical role traditional banking plays in your local community and economy. You also understand that everyone in your local community is harmed when regulations meant for Wall Street are imposed on traditional banks in your community.

We have organized Friends of Traditional Banking so that people of all backgrounds can come together to defend this important industry in America. We need healthy banks in order to turn our economy around. Traditional banking did not create the financial crisis, but traditional banks and their customers are paying the consequences for the way Congress has responded to the crisis.

As a Friend of Traditional Banking, you will receive periodic communications from us regarding important issues and current events. Our goal is to change the perceptions and the political treatment of traditional banking in America. Additionally, each election cycle we will identify two Congressional races that are particularly important to traditional banking and our local economy, and that we encourage you to support. We simply recommend these races to you. It is entirely up to you whether or not, or how much you might contribute. Learn more about us at www.friendsoftraditionalbanking.com.

We are excited to call you a Friend of Traditional Banking. There is perhaps no other sector of our economy that is as critical to the economic future of every American. If for whatever reason you do not want to receive communication from Friends of Traditional Banking, you can opt out by clicking here. However, we hope that you share our enthusiasm for improving the climate for traditional banking in America.


Joye Hunt, CFO/SVP/Treasurer, PBK Bank, Stanford, Kentucky
Chairman, Friends of Traditional Banking