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We are a non-partisan grassroots effort, organized by bankers. We are Main Street, not Wall Street; we are traditional community bankers, not investment bankers.

We choose two Congressional races each cycle, and encourage our membership to donate directly to those campaigns.

We're the inverse of a PAC--instead of spreading a little bit of money to a lot of campaigns, we focus a lot of money on a couple of key campaigns.




Thom Tillis
U.S. Senate, North Carolina

U.S. Senate, Iowa

  • Key ally on the Senate Banking Committee
  • Thanks to over 1,000 bankers pitching in nearly $500,000 in donations, he won re-election in one of the closest races of 2020.
  • "I so appreciate Friends of Traditional Banking for getting involved in our race," Tillis told our members. "It's going to be close, and your involvement could make the difference." Boy was he right!
  • Stalwart defender of traditional banking, and one of our successfully endorsed candidates in 2014.
  • Thanks to over 1,000 bankers pitching in nearly $500,000 in donations, she won re-election in one of the closest races of 2020.
  • "Joni is very appreciative of the nationwide support that Friends of Traditional Banking provided in this hard won election," said Mike Olsen, our Banker Board rep from Iowa . "FOTB definitely helped to tip the scales and sent a true friend of traditional community banking back to the Senate to fight for our interests.”

andy barr

ANDY BARR, U.S. House of Representatives, Kentucky

jon tester

JON TESTER, U.S. Senate, Montana

  • Advocate for traditional banking on House Financial Services Committee
  • Sponsored the Portfolio Lending and Mortgage Access Act
  • First House member endorsed by FOTB, attracting hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations in 2018, resulting in a 51% victory!
  • Pro-traditional banking voice on Senate Banking Committee
  • Economic Growth, Regulatory Relief, and Consumer Protection Act would not have happened without his leadership
  • First Democrat endorsed by FOTB, resulting in hundreds of thousands of new donations in 2018, ending in a 50.1% victory!

Pat Toomey

PAT TOOMEY, U.S. Senate, Pennsylvania


ROB PORTMAN, U.S. Senate, Ohio

  • Former banker and Senior Member of the Banking Committee
  • Supported by hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations from over 1,000 friends of traditional banking in 2016
  • Defeated financial services critic Katie McGinty
  • Champion of pro-growth policies and importance of banks
  • Supported by hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations from over 1,000 friends of traditional banking in 2016
  • Defeated regulatory advocate Ted Strickland


Can thousands of individuals standing together really change the political environment for traditional banks and the communities they serve? Absolutely.

When an avalanche of small contributions drops on a campaign we support, totaling hundreds of thousands of dollars, you can bet it will be noticed!

Just sign up today and add your name as a "Friend of Traditional Banking". As the list grows, so does our political influence.

No Immediate Contribution Required

All we need is your contact information. No contribution is required right now. Each election cycle we will decide if any member of Congress deserves our collective support or opposition. We will narrow our choices to two races.

At that point we will simply direct you to the candidate we are recommending for support. We will not collect your money. You will contribute directly to the candidate through their website.

Privacy Policy:
We respect your privacy. Your personal information will never be shared with anyone. Your involvement is not public information; however, some contributions to federal candidates are.

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Friends of Traditional Banking

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Do you have friends, colleagues, co-workers, or vendors you consider a friend of traditional banking?

Just enter the email address of someone you would like to nominate as a "Friend of Traditional Banking." We will send them the introductory message that appears at the bottom of this page.


We appreciate all of our friends and partners and want to recognize these, in particular.


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kentucky bankers BBW WEB independent financial minnesota bankers Nebraska Bankers Association kansas bankers association Central Bank Logo bom bank logo


Central Bank
Colorado Bankers Association
First Community Bank
First State Community Bank

Guaranty Bank & Trust
Gulf Coast Bank & Trust Company
Idaho Bankers Association
Independent Bankers Association of Texas

Kansas Bankers Association
Kanza Bank
Lincoln Savings Bank
Missouri Bankers Association
Oklahoma Bankers Association
Seacoast Commerce Bank
Texas Bankers Association
Utah Bankers Association


Arizona Bankers Association Dirk Bagenstos
BankNorth Bank of Advance
Bank of Commerce Bank of Southside Virginia
Bank of the Pacific Bank of Utah
Kyle Campbell Choice Financial
Citizens Bank Community Bank & Trust
Decatur County Bank Eagle Bank & Trust
First Bank & Trust Golden Pacific Bancorp
James Goudge Illinois Bankers Association
Iowa Bankers Association JD Bank
Legacy Bank Lone Star State Bank
Main Bank Michigan Bankers Association
Monroe Bank & Trust Montana Bankers Association
New Jersey Bankers Association North Dakota Bankers Association
Oregon Bankers Association PBK Bank
Pineries Bank Plains State Bank
Security Bank George Schneidermann
Harris Simmons Springs Valley Bank & Trust
Star Bank Minnesota Charles Stoner
Taylor Advisors Tennessee Bankers Association
Town & Country Bank Union Bank
Valliance Bank Young and Associates
Washington Bankers Association Washington National Bank
Michael Webb West Virginia Bankers Association
Western Bankers Association Wisconsin Bankers Association
Wyoming Bank & Trust  


Our non-partisan, grassroots organization is governed by an Executive Committee, an Advisory Council, and a Nationwide Banker Board. These groups, listed below, provide the guidance as we grow, and together select which candidates we support.

Executive Committee

These bankers, business owners and community leaders provide the final guidance and direction to our network of friends.

joyce hunt

Joye Hunt

PBK Bank, Stanford,

V. Varella v1

Virginia Varela
Vice Chair

President & CEO,
Golden Pacific Bank,
Sacramento, California

Ty Abston

Ty Abston
Past Chair (2017-18)

Guaranty Bank & Trust,
Mount Pleasant, Texas

John E. Boyer IV

John E. Boyer IV
Past Chair (2015-16)

Chairman, Kanza Bank, Kingman, Kansas

Ron Shettlesworth

Ron Shettlesworth

Vice Chair, Main Bank,
Albuquerque, New Mexico

Dale Cole

Dale Cole

CEO & Chairman, First Community Bank, Batesville, Arkansas

howard headlee 2021

Howard M. Headlee

Utah Bankers Association

Kristy Merrill

Kristy Merrill

New Hampshire Bankers Association

Amada Alvidrez

Amada Alvidrez

Regional Retail Manager, Equity Bank, Guymon, Oklahoma

Jamie Shinabarger

Jamie Shinabarger

CEO, Springs Valley Bank & Trust, Jasper, Indiana

Randy Hultgren

Randy Hultgren

President & CEO,
Illinois Bankers Association

Mike Winder

Mike Winder

Executive Director,
Friends of Traditional Banking

Advisory Council

The Advisory Board relies on the input and analysis of an Advisory Council. Members of the council include:

Karl Adam, President & CEO
South Dakota Bankers Association
Mike Adelman, Pres. & CEO
Ohio Bankers League
Mike Affuso, VP Govt Affairs
New Jersey Bankers Association
John Anderson, EVP
New Mexico Bankers Association
Steve Andrews, President & CEO
Western Bankers Association
Richard Baier, President
Nebraska Bankers Association
Colin Barrett, President & CEO
Tennessee Bankers Association
Adrian Beverage, Pres. & CEO
Oklahoma Bankers Assoication
Ballard Cassady, Pres. & CEO
Kentucky Bankers Association
Rick Clayburgh, Pres. & CEO
North Dakota Bankers Association
Sally Cline, President & CEO
West Virginia Bankers Association
Mac Deaver, President
Mississippi Bankers Association
Chris D'Elia, President & Treasurer
Vermont Bankers Association
Fred Green, Pres. & CEO
South Carolina Bankers Association
Phyllis Gurgevich, Pres & CEO
Nevada Bankers Association
Cary Hegreberg, President
Montana Bankers Association
Paul Hickman, Pres. & CEO
Arizona Bankers Association
Randy Hultgren, Pres. & CEO
Illinois Bankers Association
Scott Latham, CEO
Alabama Bankers Association
Tom Mongellow, President & CEO
Connecticut Bankers Association
Yuri Morgan, Executive Director
Alaska Bankers Association
Linda Navarro, President
Oregon Bankers Association
Patricia Octeau, Administrator
Rhode Island Bankers Association
Neal Okabayashi, President & CEO
Hawaii Bankers Association
Rose Oswald Poels, President & CEO
Wisconsin Bankers Association
Rann Paynter, President
Michigan Bankers Association
Chris Pinkham, CEO
Maine Bankers Association
Alex Sanchez, President & CEO
Florida Bankers Association
Bob Taylor, Pres. & CEO
Louisiana Bankers Association
Amber Van Til, Pres. & CEO
Indiana Bankers Association
Jenifer Waller, President
Colorado Bankers Association
Doug Wareham, President
Kansas Bankers Association
Joe Witt, President
Minnesota Bankers Association
Trent Wright, Pres. & CEO
Idaho Bankers Association

Nationwide Banker Board

An industry leader from each state provides guidance and helps with the growth of Friends of Traditional Banking.

Tim Aiken (West Virgina)
CEO-President Union Bank
James Beckwith (California)
CEO-President Five Star Bank
Steve Bianco (New Hampshire)
SVP & Senior Lender Savings Bank of Walpole
Laurence Bolchoz (South Carolina)
President & CEO, Coastal Carolina National Bank
Doug Chaffin (Michigan)
President & CEO Monroe Bank & Trust
Gary Crum (Wyoming)
Pres & CEO Western States Bank
Gene Dikeman (Kansas)
Pres & CEO Plains State Bank
Kristin Dittmer (Utah)
Jed Fanning (New Mexico)
President Citizens Bank of Las Cruces
Lanie Gardner (Kentucky)
Community President, First Southern National Bank
Micah Garner (Alabama)
President & CEO, Southern Independent Bank
Steve Gilbert (Arizona)
Exec VP & CCO Mohave State Bank
Ken Hale (Louisiana)
Pres & CEO BOM Bank
Jon Jones (Washington)
Pres/CEO Washington Business Bank
Clark Hungerford (Georgia)
President & CCO, Vinings Bank
Dave Joves (Guam)
SVP Bank of Guam
Keith Knudsen (Nebraska)
President & CEO Security Bank
Dale Leighty (Colorado)
Pres & CEO First National Bank of Las Animas
Jeff Lynch (Arkansas)
Pres. & CEO Eagle Bank & Trust
Patti McLaughlin (Pennsylvania)
Chief Credit Officer, Bank of Landisburg
Mike Mercer (Kentucky)
CEO First State Bank
Harold Miles (Missouri)
President & CEO Bank of Advance
Greg Morse (Texas)
CEO, Worthington National Bank
Ken Mundt (Nevada)
SVP, Town & Country Bank
Larry Myers (Indiana)
President & CEO, First Savings Bank
Jim Nicholson (Ohio)
Pres & CEO North Valley Bank
Mike Olson (Iowa)
Vice President Lincoln Savings Bank
Rex Phipps (Montana)
CEO, Garfield County Bank
Tom Romrell (Idaho)
Pres & CEO The Bank of Commerce
Jamie Shinabarger (Indiana)
President & CEO, Springs Valley Bank & Trust
Nikhil Sridhar (District of Columbia)
Fellow, Mercatus Center
Kevin Tetzlaff (South Dakota)
Pres & CEO First Bank & Trust
Rich Wacker (Hawaii)
Pres. & CEO, American Savings Bank
Alicia Wade (Oklahoma)
Pres & COO Valliance Bank
Harry Wahlquist (Minnesota)
President & CEO Star Bank
James Williams (North Dakota)
CEO Bank North
Pete Williston (Tennessee)
Chairman & CEO Citizens Bank

(Titles used for identification purposes only.)

If you would like to participate as an adivsor, please submit a written request and a resume to: info@friendsoftraditionalbanking.com


Friends of Traditional Banking
175 South Main #1420
Salt Lake City, UT 84111


Please use this form to email us.


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Ten Years Of Impact For FOTB

In 2012, the state execs for the bankers associations in Utah (Howard Headlee), Colorado (Don Childears), and Oklahoma (Roger Beverage) were frustrated. The banking industry had just been saddled with the onerous regulations of the Dodd-Frank Act; Richard Cordray and Elizabeth Warren were giddy with the new powers of the CFPB; and Congressional regard for the banking industry had reached new lows.

"There has to be a better way for bankers to make an impact," they mused.
"There has to be a way for bankers and their friends nationwide to cause Congress to better respect this vital industry!"

fotb founders

The result was Friends of Traditional Banking, the inverse of a PAC--instead of spreading a little bit of money to a lot of campaigns, the group would focus a lot of money on a couple of key campaigns. They would choose two Congressional races each cycle, and encourage tens of thousands of friends around the country to donate directly to those campaigns.

It's working!

FOTB Board Chairs

past board chairs