Friends of Traditional Banking to Focus on Senate

Friends of Traditional Banking, one of the nation's fastest growing SuperPACs, announced today that they have narrowed their Congressional Watch List to Senate contests only. "The U.S. Senate is the primary obstacle to the regulatory relief sought by traditional banks," according to FOTB Chairman Matt Packard, who is also president and CEO of Central Bank in Provo, Utah. "We need more Senators that understand the vital role traditional banking plays in our local communities."

Last month, the group unveiled a list of candidates in seven Senate races and thirteen House races being reviewed. That group of twenty has been narrowed to the seven Senate races, with further winnowing to come in the weeks ahead.

Friends of Traditional Banking has grown to nearly 6,000 members in all fifty states.

"Our strategy is simple, focused, and effective," said John Boyer, FOTB board member and chairman of KANZA Bank of Kingman, Kansas, "we pick two close races that are significant to the future of traditional banking in this country, and make a statement by encouraging our list of members to donate as much as they can directly to those campaigns."


Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV, opponent is Natalie Tennant) An extremely supportive Friend of Traditional Banking as a member of the House Financial Services Committee, knows issues, vocal in defense of industry.

Tom Cotton (R-AR, opponent is Sen. Mark Pryor) A proven Friend of Traditional Banking as member of House Financial Services Committee: knows issues, vocal in defense of industry. Opponent supported Dodd-Frank Act and has voted against DFA reforms.

Joni Ernst (R-IA, opponent is Rep. Bruce Braley) Ernst understands the critical role of traditional banking, opponent has been a vocal credit union advocate.

Cory Gardner (R-CO, opponent is Sen. Mark Udall) An extremely supportive friend of traditional banking as a member of the House. Opponent is the primary advocate for expanding credit union business lending.

Kay Hagan (D-NC, opponent is Thom Tillis) Senator Hagan and her family have deep roots in traditional banking.

Terri Lynn Land (R-MI, opponent is Rep. Gary Peters) Michigan Bankers Association has endorsed Land. Her opponent voted for Dodd-Frank three times and is proud of that.

Mitch McConnell (R-KT, opponent is Alison Lundergan Grimes) He understands the critical role of traditional banking and is willing to make significant changes to DFA.